A List of the Best Greek Newspapers Online

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Greece is a free country that is enriched with art, culture, and history. Greek civilization is very ancient. They have the history and myths of some thousands of years.

Interestingly, democracy got its shape first in this land. This is the land of a vast number of classic writers and philosophers including Homer, Sophocles Socrates, Plato, and many more.

In this article, our purpose is to provide a list of the best Greek newspapers online. As Greece is the pioneer of civilization, there are undoubtedly plenty of newspapers published in Greece.

With the advent of internet technology, everything is coming online. Greece is not different due to keeping pace with modern technology.

Let’s discuss some of the best online newspapers that are published in Greece.

01.I Avgi

I Avgi means the Dawn. It is one of the most popular and well-known daily printed and online newspapers in Greece. This Greek-language newspaper is published in Athens. This is also known as the Leftist Morning newspaper because it has a great affiliation with Syriza, a left political alliance.

The newspaper started its journey in 1952. Manolis Glezos, a Greek left-wing politician, played the role of its editor for years during its inauguration. In 1967, this newspaper had to stop its publication for 7 years. Then it continued the publication after democracy was reinstated in Greece.


Kathimerini is an online daily newspaper published in Greece. This is a financial and political morning newspaper. This newspaper has an English edition too as well as the Greek edition. Though it is an online newspaper, its printed version is available too. Kathimerini is one of the earliest newspapers published in Greece. It started its journey in 1919.

This popular newspaper has a political alignment with the New Democracy Party. This newspaper has an affiliation with Athens Plus, a weekly newspaper published in Athens. A well-known Antivenizelist named Georgios Vlachos founded this newspaper. This is considered one of the leading conservative voices in Greece.

We cannot reckon the number of its daily circulation because this info is not disclosed by the authority. This is why press agencies do not release such data about this newspaper. However, its Sunday edition has a large circulation. As of 2014, it was over 95K on average. Besides, the online edition has a large number of daily visitors.

03.Ta Nea

Ta Nea is another Athens-based daily newspaper published in Greece. Alter Ego Media S.A. is its sole owner. This newspaper was once the asset of Lambrakis Press Group. They published another newspaper known as To Vima. But in 2017, both of these two were bought by Alter Ego Media.

This newspaper started its journey in 1931. The title of this newspaper was Athianka Nea at that time. Then the name had been changed to Ta Nea after the Axis occupation.

This newspaper is undoubtedly one of the bestselling newspapers in the entire Greece. But the circulation has decreased with the advent of internet technology. However, it has got its own online version too. And, it’s worth saying that the website for this newspaper gets handsome traffic.

This newspaper has a political alignment with the Greek Socialist Party and supports PASOK. This is a traditional and popular newspaper in Greece. The daily circulation of this newspaper is more than 35K. It is a standard number at all. Besides, the online version of Ta Nea has great authority over Greek online newspapers.

04.Kokkinos Protathlitis

The Greek word “Protathlitis'' means Champion. This is one of the most popular Greek newspapers. Along with the online version, it has physical existence too. The Protathlitis is a sports newspaper as it covers news of different kinds of games only. This paper started its journey in 1998.

You have probably heard of a business group in Greece, namely SAJP. The Protathlitis is a part of it. Sotiris Poulopoulos is the owner of this newspaper. He is also its publisher. This newspaper strongly supports Olympiacos F.C. The paper has achieved great authenticity by being the first one to publish Olympiacos F.C. news.

This newspaper has been occupying the Sports Press market for a long time. And, it can be said blindly that it is one of the leading newspapers for publishing sports news in Greece. Undoubtedly, most of the fans of Olympiacos love to read this newspaper either the printed edition or the online.

05.Proto Thema

Proto Thema is another Greek online newspaper. Like other prominent newspapers, it has a printed edition too. Proto Thema is a Greek Phrase that means Lead Story. The printed one is a weekly publication that is published every Sunday.

However, The Proto Thema is not an old publication. This newspaper started its journey in 2005. Themos Anastasiadis, Makis Triantafyllopoulos, and Tassos Karamitsos are the founders of this paper. Interestingly, three gentlemen have been working as journalists. There is an editorial team that runs this paper.

This newspaper has political affiliation with the New Democracy party. There is a wide criticism of this newspaper due to its political affiliation. Besides, it is assumed that they have been funded by that political party. It supports Kyriakos Mitsotaki, the current PM of Greece.

06.To Vima

To Vima is a Greek printed as well as an online newspaper. This newspaper started its journey in 1922. To Vima means the Tribune in English. Dimitris Lambrakis founded this popular newspaper. Lambrakis Press Group owned the newspaper. But in 2017, Alter Ego Media acquired it. It is one of the high-quality newspapers published in Greece.

The printed edition is a weekly newspaper as it is published every Sunday only. But until 2011, it was a daily newspaper. Starvo Psycharis is its current managing editor.

This is such a popular newspaper that many prominent politicians get interviewed by its journalists. Even several of them used to write for this paper. Eleftherios Venizelos, Nikolaos Plastiras, Georgios Papandreou, Andreas Papandreou, and Constantine Karamanlis are among those.

Final Words

Newspapers are one of the important organs of a country. They have a great contribution to establishing a democratic and transparent socio-political nation. The news columns usually reveal the truth about what is actually going on across the country and even across the globe. Here we have discussed several of the best online newspapers in Greece. I hope you will benefit from it.

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