A List of the Best Kenyan Newspapers and Online News Sites

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Kenya is a republican state in East Africa and a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. In the past, it was dominated and ruled by the British government. Now, it’s a sovereign state getting its independence in 1963.

There are a large number of national, regional, and local newspapers you will find in Kenya.

In this article, we are going to make a list of the best newspapers in Kenya.

01.The Daily Nation

The Daily Nation is a Nairobi-based daily newspaper in Kenya. The columns are written in English. This is one of the best reading newspapers in East Africa. Surprisingly, it sells the highest number of copies in Kenya. The daily circulation of this newspaper is more than 170,000.

This newspaper was founded in 1858 by Charles Hayes. It was then a Swahili weekly, namely Taifa. The Aga Khan bought it in 1959. Then, it became a daily newspaper named Taifa Leo. In 1960, an English edition of this newspaper came to light that is today’s The Daily Nation.

02.The Standard

The Standard is a daily English-language newspaper in Kenya. It is also published based in Nairobi. This newspaper started its journey as a weekly newspaper in 1902 in Mombasa. At that time, it was named the African Standard. This popular publication was established by an Indian merchant, A. M. Jeevanjee. He appointed W.H Tiler (an English reporter and editor) to supervise all the operations regarding news reports.

This newspaper was turned into a daily newspaper in 1910 and it was renamed the East African Standard. Besides, the headquarters was shifted to Nairobi because Nairobi started being the commercial center of East Africa. From the very beginning, this newspaper has been showing a balanced approach to writing.

03.The Star

The Star is a Nairobi-based English newspaper in Kenya. It is one of the most popular English newspapers in Kenya. This newspaper started its journey in 2007. Then it was named The Nairobi Star. But in 2009, the name was changed to The Star. It is published in tabloid format.

This paper has a surprising number of circulations across Kenya. In 2010, it sold around 20,000 copies a day. It means a lot because the total circulation of all the newspapers was 32000 at that time. Now, this newspaper has an online portal too like all other present newspapers.

04.Taifa Leo

Taifa Leo is Kenya’s only Swahili-language newspaper. Taifa Leo is the Swahili edition of the Nation Today. Nation Media group publishes this newspaper. The paper started its journey in 1958. It has an online edition too. This paper was published on www.swahilihub.com from 2012 to 2018. But now, it is published on www.taifaleo.nation.co.ke. Faustine Ngila, an award-winning editor, changed the portal.

This newspaper publishes news of different categories such as sports, politics, current affairs, and other affairs throughout the state. In 2019, it started publishing a health magazine titled Afya. This magazine is published each Tuesday.

Interestingly, this newspaper has become much popular due to uncovering bold political splashes. These news affairs have been questioning poor governance and tolerance of corruption. However, it has been playing an indirect role in developing Kenya.

05.The East African

The East African is a popular newspaper that is published in Kenya. This publication is owned by the National Media group. You have already come to know about this media group. It publishes another popular daily newspaper named the Daily Nation. However, The EastAfrican is a weekly newspaper. So, it’s published once a week.

It is worth saying that this newspaper is published for Kenya and some other countries in East Africa. The EastAfrican is a popular weekly publication across Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania. This newspaper covers news from all the countries it is circulated in. This publication contains different stories with deep analysis. For this reason, it has achieved extra-popularity.

06.Business Daily Africa

Business Daily Africa is a daily newspaper that is published in Kenya. It is an English-language newspaper and actually known as the Business Daily. Nation Media Group publishes this popular publication. The headquarters of this daily newspaper is located on Kimathi Street, Nairobi, Kenya.

The EastAfrican and the Daily Nation are its sister newspapers that are published by the same publication company. Probably, you may have guessed what types of news it covers. It covers the news regarding the business and trade of Africa. So, it has the readers of a particular class.

07.The Nairobian

The Nairobian is a Nairobi-based local newspaper. If you want to know what is going on across Nairobi, this newspaper is a perfect choice for you. This local newspaper covers different fiends of affairs about what is happening in Nairobi. Interestingly, this is a very cheap one. People across this city buy this paper at 40 shillings only.

Besides, one can easily get this newspaper anywhere from Nairobi because it is distributed by the agents in all the streets of this city. Though it is a local newspaper, it has a great demand in Kenya. The news columns talk of the common people living in Nairobi including their common issues. So, the Nairobi residents who are especially interested in local affairs can read this newspaper.

08.Capital FM

Capital FM is an online news portal published in Kenya. This portal generally covers a wide range of news of different genres. It includes current affairs, especially what is going on in Africa. One of its pages covers only Kenya news. However, it has other areas devoted to Africa News, Country News, China, and World News.

09.All Africa

All Africa is another popular daily newspaper published in Kenya. The name itself implies what it actually covers. It does not talk about Kenya only. Besides, this newspaper covers a wide range of topics across Africa. This is an online newspaper and its motto is to raise the voice of Africa. If you want to know about Africa and its culture, you have to read this newspaper to get the best understanding.

Final Words

A number of newspapers are published in Kenya. But when you talk about the major newspapers in Kenya, the name of the Daily Nation and the Standard comes automatically. These two are the major and most popular independent newspapers that are published in Kenya.

Here we have listed some of the best and most popular newspapers published in Kenya. I hope you have enjoyed reading them.

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