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The Philippines is an archipelago nation. It is a sovereign country in Southeast Asia. This nation is enriched with history because there were American, European, and Asian influences on it.

However, we are not going through its history or other things about this country. In this article, we will discuss the top Philippines newspapers only. I hope you will enjoy it.

01.Philippine Daily Inquirer

Philippine Daily Inquirer is a well-known and one of the most popular English-language daily newspapers in the Philippines. This newspaper was founded in 1985. Betty Go-Belmonte, communist Max Soliven, and publisher Eugenia Apostol together founded this newspaper. Probably, you may have heard of the Philippine dictator Marcos. This newspaper started its journey during the final days of his regime.

This newspaper had come next after the weekly Philippine Inquirer. Apostol founded this weekly newspaper for the sake of covering the trial news of 25 soldiers who were accused of the assassination of Benigno Aquino Jr. This newspaper has got the reputation of the Philippines’ newspaper of record for a large amount of circulation.

02.Manila Standard

The Manila Standard is a popular daily newspaper published in the Philippines. As of 2017, this newspaper is published in broadsheet format. The newspaper started its journey in 1987. Initially, it was named the Manila Standard. But in 2005, the name was changed to the Manila Standard Today. Then, the name was changed again in 2015 temporarily. Finally, it was renamed the Manila Standard in 2016.

The Romualdez family is the sole owner of this popular newspaper. During the early days, the headquarters was located in the Makati CBD. But now the headquarters is located in Metro Manila. It has a right-wing political alignment. The news columns are mostly influenced by conservative idealism.


Sun Star is a Cebu-based newspaper in the Philippines. This is an English-language newspaper. The headquarters of this popular newspaper is located in Cebu city. Though this newspaper is a Cebu-based publication, it has some more editions for other cities in the Philippines.

This newspaper has different editions for eleven other areas and cities aside from the Cebu-based publication. These cities are Zamboanga, Tacloban, Iloilo City, Dumaguete, General Santos, Cagayan de Oro, Davao City, Baguio, and Bacolod city. However, there is no doubt that all of the editions are almost the same in the types of content. The publication frequency is different in different city editions.

04.The Manila Times

The Manila Times is one of the earliest newspapers published in the Philippines. It is a long extant daily newspaper that is published in English-language. The Manila Times Publishing Corporation publishes this newspaper. The headquarters of this oldest extant newspaper is located in Manila. It is published in broadsheet format.

The paper started its journey in 1898 when the treaty of Paris was going to be signed. It was actually an important and historical moment for the Philippines because it is the time when the sovereignty of this nation was being handed over to America. An Englishman named Thomas Gowan founded this newspaper.

05.The Philippine Star

The Philippine Star is another popular daily newspaper published in the Philippines. It is an English-language newspaper that has both the printed and digital editions like other prominent newspapers. PhilStar Daily Inc. owns this paper. The paper started its journey in 1986. Three veteran journalists Max Soliven, Go-Belmonte, and Art Borjal founded this publication after the People Power Revolution in 1986.

This newspaper has a monthly edition that is known as the People Asia. Besides, it has two sister weeklies that are known as Let’s Eat and Star Week. Its other sister publications are InterAksyon, Banat, Pang-Masa, Pilipino Star Ngayon, the Freeman, and BusinessWorld. The headquarters of the Manila Times is located in Taguig.

06.Manila Bulletin

The Manila Bulletin is one of the best newspapers in the Philippines. Surprisingly, this is the second oldest extant newspaper published in this country. By circulation, the Manila Bulletin is the largest one among all the existing newspapers in the Philippines. Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation owns this publication.

The official slogan of this newspaper is “The Nation’s Leading Newspaper.” The paper started its journey in 1900 as a shipping journal. Carlson Taylor founded this paper. Hans Menz acquired this newspaper in 1957. He was a Swiss expatriate. However, this newspaper is published in broadsheet format.

07.Inquirer Bandera

Inquirer Bandera is one of the best Taglish newspapers in the Philippines. This is published in tabloid format. The Inquirer Publications Inc. owns this popular newspaper. The business and editorial offices of this publication are located in Makati. The paper costs 10 pesos only. It includes 13 pages on a regular basis.

The hard-hitting columnists write outstanding articles that basically include local and international news. Besides, this newspaper gives much importance to readers’ opinions. Along with this news, it contains sports news, showbiz news, career tips, analysis, and so on. The publication started its journey in 1990. At that time, it was known as Metro Times.


Abante is a tabloid newspaper published in the Philippines. A startup company, namely Prage Management Service owns this publication. The headquarters of this newspaper is located in Makati. The newspaper was founded in 1987. This publication fell into obstruction at the time of the State of Emergency in 2006. But they were able to overcome the situation as there were TV crews in that locality.


BusinessWorld is one of the most popular business newspapers in the Philippines. It has a surprising number of nationwide circulations. The number is over 110K on average. This publication started its journey in 1967. It is worth saying that it is the first daily business publication in Southeast Asia. The paper is published in Metro Manila.

Final Words

There are a large number of newspapers published in the Philippines. We have tried to uncover some of the best newspapers in this country. Usually, the middle and upper-class people of the Philippines prefer to read newspapers.

The broadsheets in this country cost between 15 to 25 pesos on average. The Sunday editions generally include more pages. So, they cost a bit high. You can read one of the national newspapers to discover something new about the Philippines.

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