Best Thai newspaper (หนังสือพิมพ์ไทย) and Online News Sites in Thailand

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Thailand is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia. By Southeast Asian standards, there is no doubt that Thailand has well-developed mass media. The military and the government have a long exercise of control over the mass media.

During the regime of the former government, Thaksin Shinawatra, the mass media had suffered from very hard censorship and restrictions. But now the press freedom score in Thailand is increasing. We see a great increase in this score from 2005 to 2020. In 2020, the score was 44.94.

There are a large number of online newspapers in Thailand. People have different choices. So, they may love to read different newspapers.

In this article, we will provide a list of the best Thai newspapers online. This is not an ultimate list. We have made this list just by considering the web ranking and our personal preferences. Let’s come to the point now!

01.Thai Rath

Thai Rath is one of the best online newspapers in Thailand. We have kept it at the top of our list due to the web ranking. This daily newspaper is published in Bangkok. It has a large number of readers nationwide. This is a broadsheet newspaper that has two sections. One is the news section and the other is for entertainment and sports.

The paper covers a wide range of news including society, economy, and Thai politics. This newspaper is published in the Thai language and it is considered the oldest newspaper in this country. It sells over 1 million copies daily. Kampol Wacharapo founded this newspaper in 1962.

02.The Nation

The Nation is a daily newspaper published in Bangkok. This English-language publication started its journey in 1971. There are two English-language dailies in this country. The Nation is one of them. Another one is the Bangkok Post. In 2019, the authority stopped publishing the printed broadsheet edition and continued to publish the online edition only.

It is the only English-language daily newspaper that is Thai-owned. Nation Multimedia Group owns this publication. Besides, it is a part of the Asia News Network. Suthichai Yoon founded this paper in 1971. At that time, the name of this newspaper was the Voice of the Nation.

03.Daily News

Daily News is a Thai newspaper published in Bangkok. This newspaper is published in Thai-language and supplied nationwide. By circulation, it is one of the best-selling newspapers in this country. Surprisingly, they sell more than 850K copies daily. This broadsheet newspaper started its journey in 1964.

Saeng Hetrakul founded this popular newspaper. The first issue was published in 1950. But at that time the name was Daily Mail Wan Chan. In 1958, the authority ceased publication and launched a new paper that is today’s Daily News. The publication has a history of over 60 years.


Khaosod is a daily newspaper in Thailand. The term “Khaosod” means “Fresh News”. The online version of this newspaper is titled Khaosod Online. Matichon Publishing Group is the sole owner of this publication. Besides, it is the youngest newspaper published by this media group. They publish another two daily newspapers. They are Prachachat and Matichon.

But Khaosod is more popular than its sister newspapers for its upcountry-focused coverage. This publication has a record of selling more than 950K copies per day. The paper covers plenty of fields. It mainly focuses on local affairs, entertainment, and crimes like other popular newspapers.

This paper is one of the best-selling newspapers in the country. Surprisingly, the online edition of this publication showed a 98% rise in 2010. This publication started its journey in 1991. Though it is a Thai-language paper, it has an English-language online edition too that is known as Khaosod English.

05.Manager Daily 360 Degree

Manager Daily is a popular online newspaper in Thailand. This paper is distributed nationwide. It is a Thai-language publication that was founded by Sondhi Limthongkul. This broadsheet newspaper widely focuses on business and political news.

Manager Daily 360 Degree started its journey in 1990. The paper is a popular news source against Thaksin Shinawatra, the former PM of Thailand. Interestingly, the owner of this newspaper is a leader of the PAD party. This newspaper has a nice vision about promoting restrictions against politicians and the power of government.

06.The Thaiger

The Thaiger is a digital newspaper and a great source of news in Thailand. It has both English and Thai-language editions. The newspaper covers almost every type of news including properties, information, travels, and lifestyle. The news articles it covers are very short and straightforward. All of its articles are honestly to the point. So, the readers can easily comprehend the facts.

Thaiger has Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter channels. Besides, they also have a radio station on 102.75 FM. The Thaiger company is registered in Phuket. In 2007, this company acquired the Phuket Gazette. The Thaiger has a mobile app both for android and iPhone. With this app, you can get real-time updates on what is happening in Thailand.

07.The Bangkok Post

The Bangkok Post is a daily newspaper in Thailand. The paper has both digital and printed editions. It is an English-language newspaper. This is published in digital and broadsheet formats. The Bangkok Post started its journey in 1946. The printed version includes 4 pages only and it costs one baht. Undoubtedly, this is a considerable amount. If you consider the age, it is the 2nd oldest newspaper in Thailand.

The newspaper has a great amount of circulation nationwide. The amount is 110K on average. 80% of the printed copies are distributed in Bangkok only. A former OSS officer named Alexander MacDonald together with his Thia associate Prasit Lulitanond founded this publication. Post Publishing PCL is the owner of this well-known publication. The Bangkok Post had 179 journalists nationwide as of 2015. Undoubtedly, the current number is higher than this.

Final Words

Thailand is a blissful country with excellent beauty. Bangkok is its capital and the most important city. The official language of this country is the standard Thai language. There are so many printed and online newspapers published in this country.

This article deals with some of the best online newspapers in Thailand. Some of them are published in the English language and some are in Thai. I hope this article will help you find the best digital newspapers in this country.

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